Welcome home to Premium Comedy

  • Who we are

Premium Comedy is a 110% B-BBEE Level Three non-government run  General Hospital that caters for the nations needs through comedy, our tag line ‘Best Medicine Since 2003’ is not a joke. We are a company very passionate about development through comedy for both our growing comedy industry and nation building for our country at large.

  • Where do we come from

We come from the different and unique stories that make up South Africa. We started out at the Horror Café in Johannesburg City over 10 years ago, doing weekly sessions and giving our patients nothing more than their legal dose of comedy.

  • Where are we going

We are going to be the best comedy house in Africa. We come back from producing a Comedy Festival in London at the Ekhaya Festival during the Olympics in 2012. We produce the Soweto Comedy Festival at the Soweto Theatre, the Tshwane Comedy Nights at the State Theatre and in celebration of our 10 years in comedy we are releasing about 10 DVDs that will make us laugh too much.

  • What is our vision

We want to grow the comedy industry in South Africa and the rest of Africa by providing a space for both established and young comics to express their comic talent. Theatre, the Television, the Movies, Print Ads, Radio Adverts and Stadiums are all just the beginning.

  • Who is our market

Our market is not ‘who’. Our market is the nation, if anyone has ever laughed at a joke before then they are guilty of tasting what we do without eating it from us first, nobody makes laughter for you taste like Premium Comedy besides us.

  • Where do we intend to interact with our market

At the park, at the bus stop, on the cell phone, on the web, on the street pole, on the radio where people interact that’s where we intend to be also, why should we be left out? Oh please follow us around the world @PremiumComedySA on twitter, like us a lot on Facebook: Premium Comedy SA, watch us grow on YouTube: Premium Comedy SA and be LinkedIn to us on: Premium Comedy SA to interact with us.

  • What’s in it for the follower and supporter of our success

Well we have a lot in store for our supporter, they don’t just get a jack in a box… In fact there is no jack in the box, stop thinking inside the box. World class shows with Premium international acts on the same stage as our Premium Comics, NuBreed Comics and some of our country’s and the continent’s greatest comic geniuses is just the start. We want to raise funds through the support we get and get all our supporters on a flight around the world and back, all in just one simple laugh at a time.

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