Premium Comics vs NuBreed Comics

  • What are Premium Comics?

They are the best. Premium Comics are professional comedians that have been in the comedy business for more than 3 years and have worked themselves to the Premium class in stand-up comedy. They do comedy every day from the morning at 8am till 5pm in the afternoon even if they are not booked for a gig to perform at, they spend each moment in their lives improving their craft for world class laughs through world class jokes. These are comics from Premium Comedy that are on standby for export anywhere in the world for any world class event.

  • What are NuBreed Comics?

They are in the running to be the best. NuBreed Comics are young comics who are still working at being a full time professional comedian. They have an experience of about less than 3 years in stand-up comedy, and still avail themselves mostly for open mic comedy spots in an attempt to still learn their comic genius. These comics will break into that ‘Premium Comic’ status when they have earned their stripes through dedicating themselves to their craft every day, as any class the only way to make the next level is through studying and passing all your subjects at each current level.

  • How does one qualify to become a Premium Comic?

You need to be very dedicated to your craft and the art of stand-up comedy. A Premium Comic needs to have a proven record with a minimum 3 years of comedy success, a good comedy set that works all audiences regardless of race or nationality.

  • How does one become a NuBreed Comic?

You need to be funny. In frequent cases NuBreed Comics will be identified from the bunch of comics that would undertake the South African Comedy Academy programme. These comics move their dream from realising and wanting to be funny, to each comedy stage at each open mic set at as many open mic sets they can get themselves on. Gradually as their confidence on the stage grows, they land themselves one step closer at being a Premium Comic, a comedian ready for world export.

  • I want to book a comic, which do I choose between a Premium Comic and a NuBreed Comic?

It’s simple, just go through our talent list of comics under our ‘Talent Page’ and choose the face which you think could be the funniest or the right type of funny for you and your event, more like judging a book by its cover.

In choosing the right comic for your event there are a lot of things to consider before clicking on your favourite looking face, for instance if you want a comic to perform for guests at a ‘Premium Event’ like a gala dinner or corporate event then we would advise you to choose from the Premium Comics as these comics have the professional intellect to make the experience at your event nothing short of world class.

On the other hand, if you are having a relaxed event like a family re-union braai or maybe you don’t want to spend a ‘Premium’ price but would love a great comedy experience at your event then the NuBreed Comic could be best suitable. These comics are still finding their way in the comedy world and their jokes may not be as intellectually calculated as those of the Premium Comics.

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