NuBreedComedy Goes Premium for Comedy

Interview with the first people to lay the first bricks in building @PremiumComedySA: Kedibone Mulaudzi and Tutu Mofulatsi.


  • Please introduce yourself and tell us what you do within Premium Comedy?

Tutu Mofulatsi: My name is Tutu Mofulatsi, I am a co-founder and one of the Directors at Nubreed Comedy Jams which now operates as Premium Comedy. My job title is that of an Operations Director, I am in charge of the everyday ins and outs of the business side of the company. You will not see me on the comedy stage because I am mainly the behind the scenes guy, I take care of business, if you know what I mean.

Kedibone Mulaudzi: I am Kedibone Mulaudzi and I am the Executive Creative Director. Which basically means I tell everyone at Premium Comedy what to do.


  • In your own opinion why do you think the chicken crossed the road?

Tutu Mofulatsi: Poultry migration does not happen often, talk about a chicken ceasing the moment without any human phobia, which could be what chickens suffer from in silence all this while.

Kedibone Mulaudzi: My take is that it wasn’t as creative and funny as it wanted to be on the side it was initially in.


  • Tell us how long you have been with the company and how did it all began?

Tutu Mofulatsi: I have been with the company for more than ten years now, the first 6 years were on part-time basis. It’s only in the last few years that I have been fully involved in growing the business on a full time basis with the help of our brilliant Premium team.

Kedibone Mulaudzi: It’s been an exciting and sometimes challenging 10 years. It began with myself and other young comedians back in 2003 not having enough time to grow our talent and having few opportunities within the comedy industry at the time.


  • Who do you think is scarier between Chuck Norris and Lesilo and why?

Tutu Mofulatsi: Chuck is scarier because he’s got a plan for every situation. That’s a scary man. You negotiate a contract with Chuck he beats you to the terms and conditions.

Kedibone Mulaudzi: Lesilo without a doubt. Chuck Norris scares Americans, Lesilo on the other hand did enough damage to a young me.


  • What do you think it means for NuBreed Comedy to change to Premium Comedy?

Tutu Mofulatsi: It means growth, confidence, experience, it means it’s about time we earn our keep and still remain humble like Kenny Kunene.

Kedibone Mulaudzi: It means that the Company has grown over the last decade and it’s time now to enter a new era. An era of growth, bigger things, bigger shows and our commencement with the Premium Comedy Industry take over. Having said that it doesn’t mean we are letting go of the NuBreed Comedy brand we’ve built over the last 10 years. The NuBreed Brand will still be there but will focus more on our Comedy Development initiatives.


  • Which ‘colgate’ do you normally use and what is your favorite ‘coke’ drink to drink and tell us why?

Tutu Mofulatsi: My favourite colgate is the white one I buy from the general dealer which I use on a regular basis, and my favourite coke drink is the 1.5 litre. Oh my word, the fizziness. LOL

Kedibone Mulaudzi: I use AquaFresh because it does it all in one mum, I don’t like the Colgate Colgate and the last time I looked for it at Southgate it wasn’t there. My favourite coke drink is Fanta Orange reason being that I am from Limpopo and every home in Limpopo has an Orange tree.


  • What do you think Premium Comedy will do differently to other comedy houses out there?

Tutu Mofulatsi: Youth empowerment is a big part of who we are, this we do through the South African Comedy Academy which runs workshops annually in Soweto and soon launching on a national level. Ownership of our work is crucial for us in the South African comedy industry where there is much fragmentation of effort by some industry players. Our main interest as a company is to build relationships, drive uniformity and encourage development. This way the artist will not be taken advantage of by people who are less interested in comedy the art and its development.

Kedibone Mulaudzi: Bring Innovation and Creativity to the industry. As it is now the industry doesn’t have enough creativity. On top of that we will bring originality to our industry and more vernacular comedy. This is Africa and it’s just wrong that there isn’t enough comedy done in African languages.


  • If wishes were horses, which artist would you choose to be between Penny Penny and Vusi Ximba and tell us why?

Tutu Mofulatsi: Penny Penny is my number one, he sings in his original mother tongue which is within the minority languages of South Africa and still gained himself a lot of fans from Giyani to Cape Town, through all this he has lost nothing but his hairline.

Kedibone Mulaudzi: Vusi Ximba for sure. I am sure I will get a lot of criticism from my people from Limpopo since Penny Penny is from there. Vusi Ximba had a sense of humour, which is my industry, and he moonlighted as a comedian. Penny ‘to the power 2’ on the other hand is a One Hit Wonder who was once a politician. Did you know he was once a councillor who got voted in because he was a famous musician in Limpopo? Talk about real politics.


  • What do you think it means for South Africans today to go out to see a comedy show?

Tutu Mofulatsi: It means opening yourself up to amazing moments of creativity, discovering the world and its cultures while sitting and watching one man telling awful stories about where we come from and actually relating to that by laughing at it. It’s beautiful and immediate, stress relieving and educational. I recommend it for every South African who wants to break out of the everyday monotony of life.

Kedibone Mulaudzi: It means that the industry is growing and more and more people are getting to understand and fall in love with the art of comedy. I think our country is at a stage where more people are trying to find and express their true identity, people want to grow within their work places, move on to maybe start their own business, people want to build relationships and trying to do these things on the daily comes with stress. Comedy is the Premium way to distress. We are still waiting for Julius Malema to come watch Premium Comedy.

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