Roro Gantsho


Irrefutably one of the hardest working graduates from the South African Comedy Academy class of 2012, Roro Gantsho, an Eastern Cape born native has an evident passion for comedy as soon as he steps on to any comedy stage. Roro wins over any audience with his onstage energy, wit and humorous impersonations of his mother and stories from his day to day interactions with lifes real comedians, the public. He draws his inspiration for his comedy set from his own personal life’s experiences, observations from anything liker a car sounding past to some of today’s hard hitting current issues, thus making his delivery quite unique. Roro has been a constant feature around most of Gauteng’s comedy venues and his early professional success has seen hosting a few comedy events including his mentor Kedibone Mulaudzi’s One Man Show Special shot for DVD realease.

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