Roni Modimola


Known for his dry but witty comedy style, Roni Modimola has been one of South Africa’s favourite comics for years. He first got introduced to the nation through a character he played on SABC 1’s widely popular comedy sketch show the Pure Monate Show. Roni Modimola who has been involved with stand-up comedy since the late 90s has matured a style of comedy that knows no boundaries, he uses his quiet charm, philosophical views, silly word-plays and good old-fashioned gags to win over any type of comedy crowd. In an industry where most comics use storytelling as a way to communicate a joke, Roni Modimola does not shy away from bringing into his act something that has nothing to do with anything and will still keep the audience glued to his set because of his unique yet powerful delivery. He designs his comedy set in such a way that it would bring the house down from a comedy club in Soweto, to a corporate function in Cape Town and still have the same power to work in a show in London, Australia or New York.

Roni Modimola has been on the Phat Joe Show, the Comedy Express video, the Comedy Showcase and has performed at the Smirnoff International Comedy Festival.

TV and Media

Phat Joe Live
MNET’s Laugh Out Loud
Comedy Express Video
Comedy Showcase
Actor – SABC 1’s Pure Monate Show
Movies – Blitz Patrollie

Stage Performances

Smirnoff International Comedy Festival
Parkers Comedy Express
Parkers Comedy and Jive in MonteCasino
Parkers Urban Comedy Nights
Soweto Comedy Festival
Tshwane Comedy Nights
Comedy Festival at Windmill Casino
Laff a Lot Comedy Night in Botswana
Blacks Only
Ozone in Soweto
Comedy Wednesday at Club Set

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